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Our New Year's resolution: more sports(cars)!

No good resolutions yet? We have two ideas. Or rather one for everyone. Our RE/CAP, the Best for 2020 from one year of "Crazy about Porsche" for example.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Trevor Dalton 02.01.2020 1 min

New year, new me: New Year, New Me: The resolutions send their regards. Read more or do more sports? We think that's good. In the best case, it can be combined into a single activity. But only if it involves sports cars. And the Porsche myth - as in RE/CAP, our Best for 2020. That's because it brings together the best stories and pictures from one year of "Crazy about Porsche" in a book edition. With its sporty two kilos, it also has another decisive advantage over other good intentions.

Those hefty 448 pages of reading material not only automatically keep you fit, but also last all year round. No chance for the infamous Blue Monday on the 18. January, at which every other normal resolution is already broken. Let's better go for high resolution shots like the ones from Trevor Dalton: a G model, blue hour and lots of vibes. We, to be honest, already got weak seeing this: Why not rather have a burger, neon lights and more sports cars instead of more sports?

This pictures and many more adventures can be found in the new RE/CAP - Best for 2020. The book with all the finest tales of the first year of »Crazy about Porsche« is available in the shop of