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Orange is the New Black

This Targa is a real garage find. It was found among old cupboards and tools, converted to a G-model. It was standing there totally dusty under car tires. And today? It's unrecognizable. And it is impossible to imagine the owner's life without it. He'll tell us why.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: SSSZphoto · 08.05.2020 1 min

»I love to drive with my head in the wind and feel the freedom.«

»The F-Targa with 2.2l carburetor engine and the right exhaust system reflects the Porsche sound of the seventies as it should be.«

»The carburetor engine doesn't always run smooth and bang and spit, and that's what makes it so sexy.«

»To me, driving an F model is the purest way of driving Porsche. No matter whether you accelerate, brake or steer: Everything only works half as fast as you want it to, but you have to be twice as fast yourself, otherwise it won't work.«

»The bright orange color is absolutely amazing. It reflects the joy of the seventies, no matter where I drive or stand, I see friendly and smiling faces. Strangers who are happy and show me a thumbs-up. This car stands out when you see it and even more when you hear it.«

»A 911 is every boy's childhood dream. And we men are still basically just children. I was lucky enough to get the chance, and I took it.«