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Only Brittney had to stay in Weissach

The workshop has a symbolic meaning for Porsche. In it, people tinker, improve, rethink. Day after day they worh there on the sports car of the future.

Text: Matthias Mederer Photo: Rossen Gargolov 11.02.2019 1 min

Someone once said that if the English would build the perfect sports car, they would go to the pub and celebrate. The Germans, on the other hand, if they built the perfect sports car, they would go back to their workshop and try to improve it. We're not quite sure anymore, but we think it was an Englishman. And he was talking about Porsche.

He thus translated in an entertaining way what is commonly known as the tireless drive of the Swabian inventor, a metaphor for the "always further" that Porsche has always understood as the basic building block of his DNA. To question yourself every day anew.

The workshop thus becomes a symbol of the soulful and persistent further development. A room, free of any everyday hustle and bustle, a place where a meeting is held while lying (under the car) or standing and where sentences include how: "Tens key please"; a place where colleagues only check their calendar (on the wall) because the young Brittney poses half-naked and smeared with oil on the hood of an American Musclecar and a place where ... but let's not go there.

The high-tech reality at Porsche's Weissach Development Centre looks a little different after all (thank God?). But, and that's also what the Porsche 911 is all about, you will probably still be able to dream. And that's why Porsche set up a workshop steeped in nostalgia at the launch event of the 992 in Valencia. With a great attention to detail, really everything was thought of. Whether Wrenches or an old "clock collection" from a 911. Only the calendar with Brittney, he had to stay in Weissach. Still needed. Because of the dates, of course.