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Onassis800: one event, six points of view

If 290 Porsche come together and participant Tom S. does not look at a single one of them in detail. Is this a good sign for one of the biggest Porsche meetings in Germany? A very good one even! After all, this summer »Onassis800« wrote the motto »We, the people« on its banner and those, that is, the people, were Tom's first priority. We asked around in the scene how the rest of the community experienced the event.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: SSSZphoto 30.09.2019 2 min

»For me, it's the coolest place for me to get together with guys I've grown fond of! So much love for detail in the design! To be part of this community is something special to me. Our cars are the foundation and we are all the house. A feeling that I otherwise only experience with my friends in the »R Group«. I'm already looking forward to what's to come«


»I've been with Tom for three years now, taking care of the event design and getting strategic partners on board. ›We, the People‹ is not just a slogan, but a feeling of togetherness that everyone who took part could feel. The feedback and the numerous conversations really touched me and showed that it is worth putting intensive work and lifeblood into this concept. Already on Friday, at the #CREWSN POPUP PRE800, which I organized, almost 90 vehicles came together to look forward to the Main Event together. I was overwhelmed by the »fan art«, design elements from the official 800 event design were taken up and vehicles were provided with specially produced stickers - there has never been such a thing in the form and it shows how strong the identification with the event and the community has become. I'm already looking forward to next year - this will be epic«


»It's not about your background, status, or the thickness of your wallet. Meet friends, talk shop with like-minded petrol heads and share the same passion for Porsche. Whether young, old, water or air-cooled, passion counts.«


»Because in the end our addiction and love for Porsche is our common fuel to meet others like us, easy happy people admiring and having fun, not judging and being arrogant. The perfect formula to spend time with old and new friends in a relaxed environment (luckily with a weak internet connection - letting us talk more rather than being on Internet all the time..maybe on purpose?«


»At the end of a long day I had not looked at a single one of 290 cars in detail! A good sign for the proclaimed motto »We, the people« and many conversations with nice people.«


»Street art. Motorsport. Revival. Pure! - the annual class reunion was great: great location, best weather, hot rides and it is nice to have seen all the people from the scene again. In this sense: We, the People.«