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Onassis »Airtimes«: The Streetart. Motorsport. Revival. 2020

This year we will have to do without a »Car friday« on Good Friday. But that doesn't matter. In late summer »Airtimes« by Onassis is an even bigger event waiting for the Porsche community. Organizer Tom Gädtke tells all there is to know about the meeting on August 29th at the Loemühle airfield in Marl, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Interview: Jack Weil Photo: onassis events media team 07.04.2020 4 min

"Airtimes": new perspectives, melow vibes and high spirits. This is what the organizers are all about with their event on August 29th at Loemühle airfield. Launched six years ago as the »Tunnel run«, the community event wants to continue to run at full speed in 2020. The goal of the creators, who are again expecting around 300 vehicles and at least as many participants: to give the Porsche community consisting of outlaws, weekend racers and hobby drivers a common platform. And to create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere that is far removed from the clichés of the usual brand meetings. Even the poster for the event signals: "We are different!" Because not a single car is to be seen on it. That makes us curious. We talked to Tom Gädtke.

The poster for "Airtimes" shows an airfield in a nice retro look. But where are the cars?

The cars are supposed to go there and fill the airfield with life! (laughs) Seriously: We're an open community without fixed codes, where everyone is free to develop. Together we have our passion for Porsche. And here we show the place where we can live it out. Of course, we don't want to give too much away either. After all, a little thrill increases the anticipation.

All right: We see a lot of asphalt and a lot of free space to develop with a dash of nostalgia. We definitely like it.

Thanks. We're also pretty happy with the artwork and a bit proud of it. Moritz from @flat6high5 did the implementation, as he has done for the last two years. We found telepathically a way to merge our thoughts. That almost borders on magic! (laughs) But joking aside, for me the poster is the most important building block for the event. We're talking about something that will take place in a few months. It must give the viewer a good idea of the event at first glance - and above all, it should also arouse anticipation! If you're talking about asphalt, space and nostalgia, I think we've managed to do that quite well.

What exactly can the participants expect?

Obviously the idea of using an airfield for an event is not new. In the 1960s airfield races with Porsche participation were omnipresent, and in modern times, airfields have been used for events from time to time. I think that my event thrives on simply making something different out of the possibilities. We've always been pretty good at creating the unexpected in the past.This year is the location of the event is publicly communicated for the first time. This makes organization so much easier and i’m particulary stoked, that it’s happening close to where I come from.

Can you already say something about the event?

Yes and no. This year the programm will be partly shared in advance with those, who have already registered, but there will be a lot of surprises. We will once again give everyone a few small tasks to prepare. What I can share is that the entire airfield will be used and with hopefully awesome weathers we will celebrate an awesome summers night party. But most of all we want to create an unforgettable event again with the help of our partners!

Who can participate?

Anyone who feels comfortable at the event! Of course, this is not very revealing for people who have never been there before. (laughs) It’s very important for us that we‘re a mellow community and not a place for people with big egos. There are no best parking spots and no awards, we are not a tuning show and it is not about who has the coolest car. Our participants are colorful, young and old, female and male. All of them unite the love for the Porsche brand and the interest in the community. A lot of real friendships started a tour events!

Where do you get tickets for »Airtimes«?

The tickets are only available online and in advance. One should better hurry to secure a spot. We have a very loyal community in our former participants, which get first pick to buy a ticket. This year, despite the current situation, it’s the same as in past years. A lot of the tickets already sold by now, which of course makes me very happy!

To announce an event in the times of Corona is quite optimistic. How do you on the orga-team deal with that?

The preparations for Airtimes started last year - a time when all this seemed out of the question. Of course we’re affected by it, just as much as everyone around us. We played through all possible scenarios internally l with the same result. The event will take place! If we are still not able to hold an event in just under 5 months due to the pandemic, this will not stop us. All tickets will remain valid for an alternative date or an alternative event at a later date. This is part of our emergency plan, which all involved partners as well as authorities and location share. We are not a musician coming on tour for the last time. We are a movement that cannot be stopped! (laughs)