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Onassis 800: People, cars, stories - the video

August 31, 2019, Kart track Hagen: What do 800 meters of asphalt, 290 Porsche and at least twice as many fans of the legendary aircooling result in? Unique flair, endless topics of conversation and huge amounts of inspiration. And of course a short movie that lasts exactly 3 minutes and 39 seconds: The Onassis 800 video recap.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: SSSZphoto · 28.11.2019

»Goose bumps. Highlight of the car year. Super cool.« All equally valid synonyms for the Onassis 800. Not our words, but what the participants say about one of the biggest meetings for fans of air cooled rides in Germany. One can only agree, because even three months after its organization that describes the Streetart.Motorsport.Revival quite well. What else is left to say? True to the motto »We the people« under which the event was held, the participants themselves have their say in the video.