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On to the sun, to freedom

About time: After Porsche had already announced the new convertible of the eighth 911 generation in January, it can now be seen live for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. After all, every third 911 sold is a Cabriolet or Targa. That's what they said in Geneva. Which doesn't really surprise us now. After all, there are good reasons to drive the 911 open.

Text: Maximilian Eder Photo: Porsche 05.03.2019 1 min

1. Traditions should be cultivated
Ferry Porsche couldn't find the car he was dreaming of. So he just built it himself. And it was a ... Cabrio!

2. Not so hesitantly
Get out on the street and enjoy the sun. And fast. The roof of the 911 opens in just twelve seconds - and thus faster than any hurdler covers the stadium distance.

3. High-tech on top
Magnesium is a wonderful element as it ensures that energy flows in the body. And in the convertible top of the 911, the flat magnesium elements prevent the roof from inflating at high speeds.

4. Non-slip
Sudden, heavy spring rain? No problem with the standard »Wet Mode«. It detects water on the road and warns the driver. Whether he then closes the hood or takes his foot off the gas is up to him.

5. Fancy a new hairstyle?
The Chancellor already knew: Driving a convertible saves the trip to the hairdresser. At least that was the case in the advertising of a big German car rental company.

6. Closer
If you drive open, you hear better. In any case, the crisp barking of the six-cylinder boxer. And of course the twittering of birds.

7. Because the sun makes you happy
A convertible doesn't give spring frustration a chance. Just ten minutes of sunshine make your body fitter and healthier. Says at least the Federal Office for Risk Assessment. And they have to know, after all.

8. Hot in the city
Nothing flirts better than a convertible. You don't think so? As many as 20 percent of the women surveyed in a Forsa survey think convertible drivers are sexy. So at the traffic lights - eyes to the left.