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Not barking at the wrong tree: Artifox Desk 02

Not that there was anything to bark about regarding the minimalistic design of their »Desk 02«, quite the opposite. The US based company nailed it when it comes to wood: Walnut and Oak wood not only guarantee great looks, but also durability. However, the minimalist desk is not only convincing with its high-quality material, but also with its particularly functional features and modular concept.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Artifox 09.09.2020 1 min

Knocking on wood that the new desk will be easy to install? Not necessary with the Artifox »Desk 02«. Because not only the name of the desk is minimalist, but also its entire concept: Reduced to the bare essentials it not only looks good but is also well-thought-out and easy to assemble. Thus, clear lines, clever details, and four table legs meet a 132 x 91 centimeters large work surface made of walnut or oak. And thanks to the solid woods, it's quite impressive.

The surface of the desk is not only resistant, but also well thought-out: a groove at the top of the tabletop serves as a dock and cable passage, but can also be used for mounting optional accessories. The desk can also be fitted with aluminum shelves and additional wooden stands. On the rear side, an additional grid made of powder-coated steel keeps cables and plugs tidy. So, where is the catch with the whole »focus on the essentials«? There is no catch, but there are hooks, two of them on the front of the table legs - they act as holders for backpack and headphones.

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Artifox Desk 02