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Night Rider: Through the night with Moritz Leidel and his 964

Through the night. Air-cooled. Moritz Leidel aka Flat6High5 about a spontaneous nighttime shoot with his Porsche 964 - and three photographers

Spontaneity? Not just an option in the creative scene, but an integral part of it. This was also the case last Wednesday, when a shooting with three talented photographers took place after a 12h agency day. The location was the Osthafen in Frankfurt, more precisely: the ┬╗Lindleystrasse┬ź, where many creative spirits have found a home. We started at the East Garage of Ardi Goldman and used the cold, clear, approaching night. Neon lighting and vintage petrol tank made the perfect start. Then we went to the other corner of the harbour where a neon installation of Mainova, remnant of the Luminale 2015, illuminated a small roundabout. Three photographers, one 964, three completely different results.