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Motorized Media or: What Marshall McLuhan, the 911 and PFF 2019 have in common

A Porsche is a statement for itself already. How can one put even more emphasis in this message? Following the PFF-Meeting in Boeblingen, we had a theory...

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Karsten Döring 27.05.2019 1 min

The media theorist Marshall McLuhan recognized this back in 1964: The wheel is an extension of our human body - and so is the car. Do you think he ever owned a Porsche? I'm afraid I can't say. But that the 911 rolled into the worldwide spotlight in the same year as his media theory? This can't be a coincidence. After visiting the current PFF Porsche meeting we are now sure that McLuhan's theory will have to be extended in 2019: Cars are not only extensions of our body, but also expressions of personality, our own attitude to life and style.

A Porsche in itself already bears witness to all three. Can you make an even clearer statement with your vehicle? Difficult, but still possible. By using vehicle foils, each vehicle can adopt the individual style of its owner. Stylistically and qualitatively, however, it has to match the car - it has to be sporty yet elegant. A little like a tailored suit, a second skin. And from now on you can also find them in Zuffenhausen: With "Second Skin", the new or existing Porsche can be designed even more individually at the in-house foiler. And all this digitally in the online configurator. Dull theory,? Not really: Pretty handy, huh?

By the way: Every year, friends, like-minded people and numerous other Porsche enthusiasts gather at the PFF meeting. Around 1000 sports cars from Zuffenhausen found their way to the Motorworld in Böblingen on Saturday, May 25th. Who wouldn't like to stand out from the crowd with a unique design among the many dream cars?

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