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MoMa still closed: no need to go bananas

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is still closed. Nevertheless, one does not have to do without the art exhibited there: The museum is offering three of Andy Warhol's works for sale - as a puzzle. And every Tuesday there are also virtual tours of selected exhibition areas.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: MoMA 08.06.2020 1 min

An art exhibition is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle: many different colored pieces that need to be arranged in just the right way. With almost 200,000 pieces in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, or MoMa for short, it's not that easy. It's easier though with the three Warhol puzzles from the art institution's shop: »Marilyn Monroe« and »Campbell's Soup Can« make art possible at home with a good 100 pieces, while Warhol's iconic banana comes in 75 individual pieces. The right music for puzzling? In this case, of course, it's the legendary album of the same name by »The Velvet Underground & Nico«, whose cover is decorated with the fruit.

Those who don't like all this can of course also fall back on a multimedia work of art made in Zuffenhausen: because in addition to other exhibits, an original 911 can also be found in the MoMa collection. Already pre-assembled, of course.

The three puzzles are available for 6.95 euros each in the shop of the Museum of Modern Art. A virtual visit to certain galleries is possible every Thursday