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Mixed Double

Dilopia is also commonly known as "double vision". But it can also be considered in a figurative sense: Two Le Mans winners talk about two winning cars from Zuffenhausen, joined by a few double exposures. Or, to put it more specifically: Hans Herrmann meets Timo Bernhard. And the Porsche 917KH meets the 919 Hybrid.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Marko Knab · 16.10.2020

"The English helped us a bit with the aerodynamics - we had only worked on the dampers and the chassis until then and didn't get anywhere. When we finally got rid of all the unpleasant things, it was a great car. Great to drive, always under control."
Hans Herrmann about the 917 KH
"The 919 Hybrid was the highlight of my career. I was involved in the program from start to finish and the Le Mans overall victory in 2017 was the crowning achievement."
Timo Bernhard about the 919 Hybrid
"I don't think anything has remained the same except for the rules. In the past it was quite simple: Accelerator, brake, clutch, steering wheel, finished. Nowadays, all the electronics are controlled from the pit."
Hans Herrmann
"The enthusiasm and passion of the drivers are still as great as ever. When I talk to Hans, we understand each other immediately, even if decades lie between us. In contrast, the technology has changed completely. And the pioneering role of motorsports has remained here."
Timo Bernhard