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Love for the details: ORIGINALS - The Porsche Classic Catalog

Not all catalogs are the same. With »ORIGINALS: Parts, Types, Technology«: Porsche Classic focuses on an innovative implementation with high-end quality standards, both in terms of content and appearance. Or to put it another way: Porsche is simply Porsche.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Porsche 17.09.2020 1 min

Genuine originals? Set the bar. And are exceptional. This is also true of the Porsche Classic catalog »ORIGINALS: Parts, Types, Technology«. In the style of a workshop manual with a linen cover, it not only arouses desires for the parts shown, but the catalog itself becomes a collector's item due to its modern and elaborate realization. How exactly does this work? Besides the pure content, stories are told about the listed parts. The modern storytelling is combined with unique pictures and own typography, which make the whole thing visually appealing.

Depending on the edition, the focus is on specific vehicles and component groups: The sixth and most recent issue, for example, focuses on the 911 F model, the most iconic model lettering in the Porsche cosmos and the recently released multimedia solutions of Porsche Classic Communication Management. That Issue #06 with Irish Green has the color of the first 911 on the book spine? And that the cover shows the design drawing of an F-model combination rear lamp? Only natural and meant rather holistically. Seen in this light, perhaps the only thing missing is a separate catalog of the coveted »Originals«.

Together with the sixth edition, a complete edition of all previous »ORIGINALS« has also been published. The collection, which is limited to 5000 pieces, will be given away exclusively, while »ORIGINALE 06« is available free of charge at Porsche Centers and Porsche Classic Partners. To distinguish them, each edition has a different original Porsche color on the spine. Among others, the iconic Mexican blue, Indian red, but also the Irish green.

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