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Long live the '80s!

Everything used to be better? This applies only with restrictions when it comes to 80s fashion. Nevertheless, apart from the 911 there were also other icons at that time, some of which have held up until today.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 25.06.2019 1 min

With some of the 80s fashion we are glad that they belong to the past - because they can stay there. We're talking about perm, mullet and neon sports suits. But we can’t wait for the return of some other icons from this exciting time: In December the Commodore 64 finds its way back into our living rooms as a new edition of »TheC64«. At the cutting edge of technology, it was the first affordable home computer to set new standards. Especially in entertainment, graphics and sound. No wonder that the pioneer is still considered a milestone today.

That can also be said about the 911. In addition to first-class entertainment, top optics and rich sound, the automotive pioneer from the 80s always had a confident style. In keeping with the C64 revival, we can also revive the eight-bit charm of the 80s in the 911: With the Heritage designs soon to be available, the iconic black-and-white chequered Pascha pattern from this period is once again finding its way into the interiors of selected 911 special editions.

What if you can't make friends with the 1980s? No problem, you only have to wait. After the recently introduced 911 Speedster that celebrates the outgoing 1940s and the beginninng of the 1950s, there will be even more limited editions of the 911 that pay respect to the other decades. You want an even bigger choice? You'll probably only find that in the 64 games on the "TheC64".