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Lem 911: "It blew my mind!"

Sit still and be silent? Can Maxime only do very badly. He says so himself. Driving boring cars? He can't either. Say we after looking at his 911 ST. But that's not really surprising if you like to visit Lost Places and ice hockey. Obviously you need action then. We spoke to the young Belgian. About Porsche, but also about unusual head coverings.

Interview: Marko Knab Photo: Julien De Backer 15.09.2020 5 min

Hello Max! Recently we saw some pictures of you with a fishing rod and your classic Porsche – all in front of a waterfall. Why is the 911 the perfect fisherman ‘s car?

Hahaha, love this question! The story behind this fishing photoshoot comes from the hat I am wearing. I bought it on vacation in Florida and since then I always keep it in my cars when I go out with my friends. Sometimes I wear it at parties to see how people react . . . I am kind of crazy. This private joke led to this great creation. We ended up shooting there because I like to find cool locations to put my 911 in. The main idea is to park the 911 in places she should not be. I spend a lot of time finding great locations like this one.

What model do you drive exactly? At first sight it looks like the rare 911 S T from the first model generation...

Indeed, it is a first gen 911 and not a backdating! The base is a 911T Karmann chassis from 1970. Now it is a 911ST and I dare to say it’s pretty close to the 23/24 cars built between 1970 and 1971. The spirit of this build is to assemble it like Porsche did back in the days. To experience what they felt like in the 70’s.

What is your very personal story with the Porsche brand?

Pretty classic story here. I just have a passionate father that knows a lot about the brand. I am starting my story with this 911ST and it’s only the beginning.

And how did you two find each other?

Long story short: as I said, my dad is a Porsche purist. He is my Porsche bible, whenever I have a question about the Porsche universe, I ask him first before doing any research. With such a dad you end up being a young Porsche fanatic that just wants to learn and drive. In fact, the 911ST and I met a long time ago back in 2008 when the conversion from T to ST was done. We did not click at first, but one day I asked my dad how to drive a 911 properly. We went for a drive and it blew my mind. Since that day I like to say I became »Crazy about Porsche«!

This Porsche had its time as a 911T when my dad wanted something different from racing on track. He built it with RennSportsClassic in Belgium and kept the original color and some other parts. After a few years of driving it in many rallies, he went back to compete on track and the car was kind of abandoned in our garage. Now, I am giving it a third life and I enjoy it so far.

The look of your 911 is also extraordinary. Does it have a special reason that it is painted in Gulf colors?

The gulf livery came a few years after the car was rebuilt in 2008. As my dad and I are racing liveries enthusiasts, we came up with the addition of the gulf blue and 2 additional CIBE lights.

Have you changed anything else on your 911?

Yes, a lot since it was a basic 911 Tangerine: the engine is a 3.2L dual-ignition – not what you used to see in ST’s but the 3.2L is pretty reliable and makes it easier to drive casually. I got a five-speed-gearbox and a Carburetor PMO 46mm. We went up to 278HP for 911kg (completely empty) without the spare wheels and other items. Then there is also the adjustable suspension Bilstein Sportstrasse design fur Nurburgring, a 6-point roll bar, Recaro Pole Position seats and a MOMO prototipo steering wheels. I went for 4 Minilite rims instead of stock ST spec which was Fuchs in front and Minilite in the rear. To be honest we keep the Fuchs for the next project.

Why is a 911 actually the perfect car for a road trip?

A 911 is the perfect car for a road trip because it’s Porsche, haha! I mean it’s reliable, fast on the highway, efficient on curvy roads and good-looking.

What makes a Porsche so special for you?

Because 911 have the engine in the "wrong" place, it makes them different and hard to master. To be honest I enjoy the 911ST so much because it still scares me! (laughs)

Do you also drive your 911 in everyday life?

Currently no, but I am looking to daily a 996 4S or Turbo since I think it is the best bargain you can get on the Porsche market currently.

As a young Porsche enthusiast: how can one fulfill his dream of owning a classic sports car?

I’ll be 25 this year and my 911 50. Once I came to a car meet where there were mostly new sports cars and supercars. The people loved to see my classic and loud 911. I don’t come with the car you expect from a 24 years old man: a car twice his age, the classic livery, the 3 exhausts and me doing crazy things with a car that could be a garage queen. And let’s be honest, in Belgium it is way cheaper to own a classic than a sports car. I also like the fact that you can feel the road and get a lot of sensations without driving at 200km/h

The perfect road to drive your 911?

Curvy mountain roads all day long!

And the perfect soundtrack for it?

In an old car, I’ll go for John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads. It brings so many good memories to me and it’s so random to see a young guy in an old car listening to that song. In a new car, I have to go with Eric Prydz – Opus.

Three things you can’t go without?

  1. A bottle of water. Long story short, I only drink water and I always have my Hydro Flask bottle one with me. And with always I mean always.
  2. My GO PRO – you never know!
  3. And last but not least: my Crazy About Porsche hat

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