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Leipzig Roadmovies: Porsche on film

Drive-in cinemas are currently experiencing a renaissance - unsurprisingly, Porsche is also opening its own. However, this is anything but ordinary. On the Leipzig factory premises, the sports car manufacturer is offering cinema pleasure in combination with a driving event under the name »Roadmovies«. But enjoying the cinema and driving a Porsche is not just a modern phenomenon, as our three movies prove.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 26.06.2020 3 min

Today, Porsche is opening its own drive-in cinema on the factory premises in Leipzig - under the name »Roadmovies« and with the film »Bad Boys for Life«. In addition to a visit to the drive-in cinema, an additional driving event is also possible in the run-up to the event - a kind of road movie in its own right. There are many different variations to choose from: From a simple visit to the movie, the »box seat« and the extensive driving event over two hours with a subsequent film screening, everything is possible. Only stunt rides and chases should perhaps still be avoided. For all those who can't make it to Leipzig, we have found three more movies in which a Porsche is prominently featured.

Spy Game / Porsche 912 (2001)

I see something you don't: I see a Porsche 912. Or do you see a 911? That Robert Redford drives a car from Zuffenhausen in »Spy Game«, is clear. But which one? Like many things in the movie, it often seems to be a question of perception. In a game of camouflage and deception, Redford as agent Nathan Muir tries to save his former student Tom Bishop, played by Brad Pitt. Will that succeed? This much shall be revealed: In the end, Redford drives away unharmed. In a Porsche 912, which steps out of the shadow of his brother 911. And finally gets to be a movie hero himself.

Good Guys wear black / Porsche 911 »Turbo 2.7 RS« (1978)

No, we're not opening with a Chuck Norris joke. After all, rules are made to be broken. One thing always stays the same, though: Chuck Norris makes a commanding entrance. Just like in the 1978 film "The Black Tiger". In the role of former Major John T. Booker, he hunts down those responsible for a murder plot against himself and his former comrades. In a black 911. With a huge turbo wing from the G-model, but with bumpers that seem to be from a 2.7 RS. Yes, you read correctly: we are at least optically dealing with a »Turbo 2.7 RS« here. Why? Because Chuck Norris.

Bullitt / Porsche 356C

Steve McQueen, barely a few words spoken and a Porsche: Right, there was something! And no, it's not the opening scene of his monumental Le Mans. We're talking about an episode in his other iconic automotive film. Of course, it's all about Bullitt from 1968. And to be exact, the car of of Frank Bullitts girlfriend Cathy, played by Jacqueline Bisset. She is driving a champagne yellow 356C convertible, in which Frank Bullitt even takes the passenger seat for a change. Without saying a word. Of course.

Further information about the programme and the various packages that can be booked at »Roadmovies« in Leipzig can be found on the specially created website of the offer.