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Le Mans reloaded: Remake in slate grey

Steve McQueen's slate grey 911 S? Unfortunately sold. So now we learn from Vincent how to fulfill the dream in slate grey anyways.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Luca Borsotti 19.03.2019 2 min

As this slate grey Porsche drives towards us, our synapses quickly switch to autopilot to link perception with the memory of the legendary opening sequence from the film »Le Mans«. Steve McQueen is in it. In the role of racing driver Michael Delaney, he pilots his 911 S to the soft tones of a clarinet through the landscape idyll of France. Cut.

The slate grey 911 stands before us now. Not at Le Mans. It's in Frankfurt. Michael Delaney is not behind the wheel either, but racing driver Vincent. At the age of 23, he already has such a good command of the stylish and casual appearance that he is in no way inferior to the »King of Cool«. Vincent's Porsche doesn't have to shy away from the comparison either. Instead of a 911 S he bets on a unique car. Custom made.

Last year he bought a black G-model from 1977 and rebuilt it according to his ideas. The typical bumpers of the G model gave way to an overall sportier appearance based on the model of the F series. And then there are the details: the bonnet cap, for example, the wooden gear knob or a fuel filler cap that sits on the bonnet, just like on the old racing models. Thanks to a 915’s transmission, the gears enjoy precise shifting. The headlights are yellow. The paint job? Slate grey, of course.

Vincent fulfilled a dream with the conversion. The dream of the dream car. For him, the Porsche is not just a car, but a lifestyle, he emphasises. Luca Borsotti, who is not only a photographer, but also the reason why the two of them have arranged to shoot in Frankfurt today, finds that such a lifestyle should also be staged accordingly.

»I didn't know Vincent before, but when I found his car on Instagram, I just had to write to him.« The clarity of form, striking fenders, flowing lines: If you will, then a 911 is the lowest common denominator of all those who like to be inspired by timeless good design.

»Even if you only see the headlights or the rear of the car, you know immediately which car it is«, Luca notes and adds that it is especially the curves that make a 911 stand out from the rest.

And that's exactly what Luca wants to capture today from another perspective, for which he brought his drone with him. The result? Makes you want more. And can certainly be understood as a recommendation for a »Le Mans« remake.

»Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.«
Steve McQueen