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Kultkolben: 969,600 times 917

Not even 50 Porsche 917 were built. So anyone who owns one can count himself lucky. Those who missed out can get angry - or comfort themselves over the failure with a personalized poster of »Kultkolben«.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Kultkolben 26.09.2019 1 min

Man can distinguish about 20 million colors with his eye. Unfortunately, Jörn Schmidt from »Kultkolben« does not offer such a wide range of nuances for his personalizable posters of historic racing cars. But the ten historical paintworks of the Zuffenhausen power plant Porsche 917KH, the six possible background patterns and twenty different background colours, along with other variables, also result in an overwhelmingly large selection of possibilities to adapt the wall decoration to one's own ideas. More precisely, 969,600 chances to own the 917 after all.

Customers can choose between three sizes and perspectives: Either you stand above things and look at the 917 from a bird's eye view or you enjoy the front view or the profile from the side. The Salzburg design from the first Le Mans victory? The legendary Gulf paint job with the number 20? Or the yellow Martini-917 that competed in the Kyalami race in South Africa? Even for the undecided, »Kultkolben« offers a solution: Namely the special edition of the poster in size L, limited to 100 pieces, which bundles all known paint finishes of the racing car on one poster. The human eye should be occupied with this for the time being.

The posters are available in three different sizes: S (40 x 30 cm), M (50 x 40 cm), L (70 x 50 cm). Prices start with the size S at 39,99€, and reach up to 89,99€ for the limited »Liveries-Poster« produced in L, which combines all varnishes.