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Klainguti meets Taycan: »You can tell he's a Porsche right away!«

Usually there are more classic cars in front of his camera. Now the future. What does Swiss photographer Andrea Klainguti think about his subject, the Porsche Taycan? We find out in an interview. And also why he likes to drive the all-electric sports car to classic petrol stations.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Andrea Klainguti 06.05.2020 2 min

Hello Andrea. Can you describe Porsche in one sentence?

Sure: The complete sports car for everything.

For the Taycan you may use a few more sentences...

I like how Porsche has gone its own way and with new technical ideas has created a real electric sports car that clearly stands out from the competition in the segment. For my taste it could have been even more purist, with fewer comfort gadgets. I don't think that a car needs a steering wheel heater, for example. But that's something that bothers me about most modern sports cars.

And how does it drive?

It feels lighter than the numbers say. With the low center of gravity you have endless grip and hardly any rolling. Steering and pedals are heavier than expected - and I like that. They feel just right, you feel like in a Porsche. What's missing are all the noises, vibrations and interactions of the combustion engine. But the torque and the power of acceleration compensate strongly for the sensory deficit.

So a real Porsche?

For me yes, of course!

In your opinion, what makes a Porsche a Porsche anyway?

Attention to detail, strong performance, timeless design, but also suitability for everyday use.

Your thoughts on design?

It makes a special impression. I think the proportions are particularly well done. Enough width and depth, but not too big, you can immediately recognize it as a Porsche. I also really like the minimalist approach in the cockpit - I think these details are very nice. The clock, the steering wheel, but also the writing in the rear light.

Does that make it more suitable for static or dynamic images?

I have no preference, it really depends on the situation, the place and the idea behind the picture.

But is there a particular perspective on the Taycan that you particularly like?

What I like most about a Porsche are the sloping roof lines and the back. That's the view that is most likely to elicit an »Ah, Porsche!« from me - and it's no different with the Taycan.

What do you think is the key to good car photos?

I often try to include elements that say something more about the scene than just the car as subject. It may be a small detail in the surroundings, possibly a person or something in general that makes the viewer linger in a picture longer. I also prefer to take series of pictures rather than a single shot. And I like places with an interesting atmosphere created by many small details. Something like this gas station where we stopped on our way to Zell am See. I can stay in places like that for hours...

If it is not Zell am See, where would you like to go in the Taycan?

Give me an empty airfield! ... All joking aside, I would love to go on a road trip of several days - and drive on all alpine roads around Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

The interview was taken during a drive with the new Porsche Taycan - and four photographers. Read all about it in the upcoming rampstyle #20.