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Karl Lagerfeld: The Master of Composition

Karl Lagerfeld’s work as a photographer: 150 of his pictures can be seen in the exhibition “Visions”.

Text: Iris Soltau Photo: Presse 15.11.2019 1 min

“Then do it yourself,” an annoyed Eric Pfrunder, Chanel artistic director, said to Karl Lagerfeld after he once again complained about the photos for a press kit. That was in 1987. So the fashion designer reached for the camera – and launched a second career as a photographer. Now 150 of his pictures can be seen in the exhibition “Visions” that shows Lagerfeld as a master of photographic composition. In a documentary also being shown at the Ernst Barlach Museum in Wedel near Hamburg, Lagerfeld explains in true northern German matter-of-factness: “I’m not an artist at all. I do what I like and that’s that.”

Karl Lagerfeld – Visions. Exhibition curated by Eric Pfrunder and Gerhard Steidl. Ernst Barlach Museum Wedel (until 24 February 2020)