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Digital revolution and mechanical sensation

Digital pioneer Jan Koum likes it mechanical - when it's about cars.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 11.06.2019 1 min

What could be more natural than founding a globally successful cyber company in Silicon Valley and driving an electric car from the immediate neighborhood? In a digital world that is becoming ever faster and more effective. The car should be slim and agile, like the apps they code. One who could do it this way is Jan Koum. 2009 he launches the instant messenger WhatsApp with his business partner Brian Acton. In less than 10 years, he has revolutionized communications around the world before selling his company to Facebook.

His car: Fast and effective? Check! Slim and agile? Of course! It therefore meets all the requirements that a leader of the digital revolution could only wish for. Must be an electric car, right? Nope - a Porsche 911 GT2 of the 993 generation, built in 1996. And a closer look reveals why the leading figure in digitalization relies on the Zuffenhausen native from the 90s. The car is interactive, gives haptic feedback on the steering wheel, can be operated intuitively and thanks to six cylinders you basically have a hexa-core processor in the rear.