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Is That Art or Can You Eat It?

Jaime Sánchez creates pop-art using Lego bricks. The results are often pretty yummy-looking.

Text: Wiebke Brauer Photo: Jaime Sanchez 31.07.2019 1 min

Looks good enough to eat. Unfortunately, the raspberry jam on the slice of toast is made of pink Lego bricks – so you’d be well-advised to resist the temptation to take a bite. For one thing, it would be pretty painful. And anyway, this slice of toast is a work of art. Created by the visual artist and photographer Jaime Sánchez. »I work with the simple idea of replacing real things with Lego bricks,« the 31-year-old once said. Looking at his creations, there’s probably no better way to put it. Lego bricks stand in for toothpaste, lipstick – or, as mentioned above, raspberry jam. If you now think that the Spanish artist played with Legos as a child, think again.

He first became interested in the colourful toy bricks when he was 26 at an exhibition in New York. There he sees a T-Rex skeleton, Homer Simpson and other famous figures – all made completely out of Legos. He goes home and starts to experiment. It’s hard not to notice that Jaime Sánchez is a fan of Andy Warhol. Both artists explore the minimal, work with gaudy background colours and incorporate everyday objects in their works. It doesn’t get any more pop-art than this, Lego be praised. We can approximately imagine just how many Lego bricks Jaime Sánchez owns today – it must be a lot. As a seemingly orderly person, he has obviously sorted his bricks in boxes by colour. The largest is full of yellow bricks, his favourite. Yellow, by the way,