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Into the great green open

Green is? Life. Vital, open, fresh, agile. A bit like a lizard-green Carrera 4S convertible, which in this context functions both as an object of study and as a creative catalyst. On a drive into the green countryside. Of course.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Marko Knab · 10.07.2020 3 min

Green is energetic, has power, lives. Green is the symbolic color of life, with green comes movement, dynamism into life. This symbolism is as international as the experience. The healthy is signaled with green anyway, but whoever then combines green, the color of plant life, with red, the color of animal life, mixes a color that, at the speed of light shoots the message of pure vitality right through our instincts.

Green breathes fresh, is open. The language depicts it. Fresh is the opposite of preserved, prepared, dried. »Green wood« is fresh, wet wood; in England there is »Green Meat« - not green, but fresh meat. A »Green Machine« is not necessarily a green machine, but brand-new. And a »Green Track« is not a particularly green track, but one that has been washed clean by a shower of rain and - without rubber abrasion or dirt - is fresh. Sure, an »Evergreen« can be old as a musical hit, but never old-fashioned. So what is green is perceived as fresh. A perfume dyed green suggests a fresh and tart scent.

Green is the color of spring and summer. White-green is the color of the beginning. In many ancient languages the phrase »in green times« stands for economic and cultural heights. In Christianity? Green is the color of the resurrection. And therefore the color of Easter. But green is also the holy color of Islam. The Prophet Mohammed is said to have dressed primarily in green. Green is also fertile, in China the green gemstone Jade is worshipped as a symbol for exactly this fertility and the most beautiful stone ever. Why? Because the jade is said to be the seed of the sky dragon, the epitome of male and heavenly life force.

And what color do lizards wear? Right! Green! Because it's the most inhuman color. Something with green skin can be a snake or a lizard, but nothing human. »Lizard green«? Vivid! Agile, quick, gripping. But for all its vigor, it's also sensual. In the Middle Ages, green was the color of beginning love. A little earlier, for the Romans it was the color of Venus, the goddess of love. Green also stands for sustainability and responsibility. And the environment. Green equalizes, calms us down when we see it. Everything in the green area except hopefully on the tachometer.

Nevertheless green pleases the eye, especially without tiring it. Because it is in the green range that the sense of sight has its highest sensitivity. If everything is in the green range, then everything is okay. And as usual. Everything but the green flash. A natural phenomenon, anything but ordinary. Also called a green ray, it arises at sunrise and sunset and can be seen at the upper edge of the sun. When the light near the horizon refracts particularly strongly and releases the green spectral component. If you see it, because it is very rare. Even rarer? Probably only the phenomenon of a green traffic light in traffic.