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iHome plus 911 G Series: »Pam & Pauls House«

Clear lines, unembellished, ideal location in a small, open oak forest: At »Pam's & Pauls House« in Cupertino, California, people like to stay at home. Particularly as the automotive sense of style has also been generously taken into account.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Darren Bradley 03.04.2020 1 min

Good, functional design with aesthetic appeal - certainly a synonym for the Silicon Valley in California. And for Cupertino located right there. For once, however, it is not about high-priced consumer electronics. It's about »Pam & Paul's House«, which is also located in the future focused location on the American West Coast. Nestled on the slopes of the 60,000-inhabitant city, the two-story residential building shows that residential architecture can be both elegant and functional.

Proof of this is provided by the 242 square meter home with its clear and rounded lines in simple white and gray. The architects of »Craig Steely Architecture« have planned weatherproof aluminum for the exterior façade and a zinc garage on the roof. Due to the hillside location, this garage also serves as the entrance to the living area below. In it, large window areas allow a lot of natural light, which falls indirectly into the living area because of the adjacent forest.

Also in the interior of the trapezoidal building the formal language of the rounded corners and the functional design is continued: Thus the geometric LED light strips and white cabinet elements fit perfectly into the open overall design. It is broken up by the natural wood work area under the steel stairs and the seating recessed into the floor. The two owners Pam and Paul themselves contribute the best for the timelessly designed complex: Their fleet of vehicles includes a white 911 Carrera from the G-series, which overlooks the entire area in the free-floating driveway.