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House L: Wood at the hut

You cannot shift an old tree without it dying. So one better designs his house accordingly. Just like with the »House L«: The silver fir, which is a characteristic feature of the building site, was built arroud - logically with the natural building material wood.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Plasma Studio 13.10.2020 1 min

Popular life goals on the often sought-after »bucket list«: Plant a tree, build a house and start a family. When the first one is no longer necessary because there is an old silver fir on the building site? Then one simply plans the house of the family around said tree. And in an aesthetically pleasing L-shape. Like the architects of the »Plasma Studio« in the South Tyrolean town of St. Martin. With a lot of larch wood for the façade and additional pine tree in the interior. This in turn reflects the simple but appealing exterior form: clear lines in wood that blends into the natural landscape of mountain peaks and coniferous forests.

However, these can only be seen from the inside of the »House L« and through the numerous windows - privacy reigns in the direction of the street and some surrounding commercial buildings. But far-sightedness is not only available on the inside, the planning was also taken into consideration: Even a possible expansion in the future was integrated into the concept. Whatever may come: The old silver fir on the inside remains untouched. That's a good thing. Because an old tree is not transplanted.

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