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Hot as fire: the turbo fire extinguisher for Porsche fans

This fire extinguisher from SAFE-T picks up the model family of the 911 Turbo via a photorealistic representation. Good! Even better: It gets up to speed just as quickly.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Safe-T 14.08.2019 1 min

When your carpet catches fire, every second counts - and fast acting. Very fast. Only good, then, if you have the exclusive SAFE-T turbo fire extinguisher within reach in such a dicey situation. After all, the powder extinguisher from Belgium, which weighs only two kilograms, has earned the title "Turbo" not only because of the correspondingly printed vinyl foil. But thanks to its production in accordance with the applicable safety standard EG 2009 (EN 3-8), it also gets up to speed at least as quickly as the super sports car from Zuffenhausen. On top of his performance, the SAFE-T fire extinguisher is delivered with a wall bracket and is therefore also wonderfully suitable as a home accessory.