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What remains to be done, if you have already designed several cars, own a 911, and created over 1000 works of art? That's right: With all these ingredients, you can turn your parents' house into a living room gallery. Just like Markus Haub and Susana de Val, who invite you to »Studio h49« starting from tomorrow.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Markus Haub 11.09.2020 1 min

Do you want art within your own four walls? Then you can either park a 911 in it - or do it like car designer and artist Markus Haub. And turn his parents' house into a gallery without further ado. After four months of rebuilding, he will open »Studio h49« tomorrow together with Susana de Val - a living room gallery in Mainz, where much, but not everything, revolves around sports cars from Zuffenhausen. In addition to other car brands, photography, design, gastronomy, music, and performance are also welcome there.

Why all this? So that after the »M Space« in Barcelona, they can also exhibit their latest synthetic resin pictures or creations in Mainz, as the two of them say themselves. But of course also to welcome family, friends, and visitors to exhibitions or cultural events in the revitalized house with garden - the first time tomorrow, Saturday. That means in the case of the opening: An exhibition called »Cars + Colors«, probably many a 911 in front of the door and the odd glass of wine to be tasted next to the latest exhibits of the two. But actually, everything is possible in the somewhat different gallery. According to the two of them. We are curious.

On September 12th »Studio h49« will open its doors for the first time to visitors. From 12-20 o'clock, Haub and de Val will show their latest works with »Cars + Colors«. Their style moves between collage and synthetic resin, but they will also show earlier works by the two of them.

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