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Heaven is a Halfpipe

Sufficient action was not only offered at the Nürburgring this weekend. But also in the French community of Ivry-sur-Seine, where »rideanyways« organized an event for freestyle athletes, which can be seen as a tribute to OPM's debut single.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Vince Perraud 24.06.2019 1 min

OPM? No, we're not talking here about the same energy-saving measure as AMD processors, but about the admittedly forgotten band from California who played their way to the top of the international charts with their mix of dub, hiphop, reggae and pop in the early 2000s. The release of their last studio album is already seven years ago. Their debut single from 2001 remains unforgotten: »Heaven is a Halfpipe«. Only yesterday we were reminded of this song when the French skater labels »rideanyways« and »Dayoff Skateboards« transformed the flat roof of an industrial building into a halfpipe. The highlight: The skaters made their daring jumps over a gracefully aged Porsche 912. Who landed the model? We don't know. But he must have a very strong tendency towards patina - as well as a great confidence in the skaters' skills.