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Happy New Year, or: Long live the fresh air supply

Such a turn of the year is not an easy matter. Because, as a greeting, the New Year all too often comes with a so-called »alcoholic post-intoxication syndrome«. This physical discomfort, commonly known as a »hangover«, can make the beginning of the year very uncomfortable.

Text: Bernd Haase Photo: Porsche 01.01.2020 1 min

Fortunately though, there are remedies such as sufficient (non-alcoholic) fluid intake or the (preferably rollmops) hangover breakfast. Also highly recommended: exercise in the fresh air. This clears the mind, provides the body with a large portion of oxygen and through exercise the residual alcohol is broken down.

Provided that the residual alcohol is broken down successfully, this can also be done very well with aids from Porsche. It doesn't necessarily have to be a 550 Spyder like these gentlemen's model here from 1959. A commercially available 911 convertible from the current 992 series helps just as well.

With this in mind, Crazy about Porsche wishes all readers a successful (hangover-free) New Year.