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Fully charged: Porsche and its Turbo Moments

Tomorrow, Porsche will present the top model of the current 911 series. This will most likely be the new 992 Turbo. A good reason to consider five of Porsche's best turbo moments. Quite subjectively charged, though.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Porsche 02.03.2020 2 min

911 Turbo (930) (1974)

Big wing, wide track: The 930 is one of the vehicles that have particularly shaped the image of the Zuffenhausen sports car icon. The first incarnation of the 911 Turbo, with its particularly large rear wing and powerful boost, is still legendary today. At the same time, it also marks the starting point for a model line that continues to this day.

Porsche 935/78 »Moby Dick« (1978)

We had no choice: In this list, the 935/78 with the fishy nickname should not be missing. But "Moby Dick" is not only here because of its curved lines and iconic Martini paint job, but also because of its epic drive. Thanks to two KKK turbochargers, the forced-breathing six-cylinder engine still delivers an incredible 845 hp. We're pretty sure: the 935/78 is even more powerful than the white whale in the novel.

McLaren TAG-Turbo »Made by Porsche«: (1984–1986)

Three Formula 1 world championship titles at turbo speed: Between 1984 and 1986, Porsche and chassis partner McLaren win all three drivers' titles. At the wheel of the cars that additionally claim two constructors' championships: Alain Prost & Niki Lauda. The engine behind the champions: Hans Mezgers TAG TTE-P01. Initially 800hp strong the engine developed by Hans Mezger even finds its way into a unique piece of the road-legal Porsche 930. Detuned, unfotunately. But at long last, one can not say that Formula 1 technology has no road relevance.

919 Hybrid (2017)

Porsche returns to Le Mans in 2014. And with full force: Thanks to the 919 Hybrid, the sports car manufacturer wins the big race in France three times in a row from 2015 to 2017. With a turbo engine. So far not unusual. What is rather unusual, is the design: Not a six-cylinder boxer, but a compact two-liter turbo V4 engine with 500 hp pushes the 919 from victory to victory. With the friendly support of 400 electric hp at the front axle, of course.

911 Carrera (992) (2019)

A good 22 years after the switch from air to water cooling, another major change will follow in 2019 with the 911: For the first time, the turbo is also the first choice in the basic 911 Carrera model. And it replaces the concept of the natural aspirated engine that has been in use since the F model. For some people, this means the last bastion of the 911 will fall - and for everyone else it will just be the time it takes for the sports car to go from zero to one hundred dhat goes down. From 4.6 seconds to a smooth four seconds - if you have the Sport Chrono Package in the 992. Otherwise it is still a more than respectable 4.2 seconds.