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From the crumple zone to the couch zone

If you find couchsurfing too boring, you should definitely try couch cruising. At Decoloft24 you can see what you need for this.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Benoît Filin Photography 17.05.2019 1 min

A 911 as a home decor element? Known from generously cut designer lofts. But a 911 for a living room couch? It's less familiar. There are reasons for that. Their names are: Seat position and closed coupé body. It's a bit impractical to watch TV. Unless you like silent movies or the challenge of peeling yourself out of your sports seats after a Netflix marathon. Cédric Cheron from Decoloft24 has nevertheless found a way to turn the idea of the 911 as a seat into a piece of furniture. For this, he recreates the characteristic glass fibre rear end and adds original parts such as lights and chrome-plated taillight rings to his design. However, the heart of Cheron's custom-made products is the leather seat, which he positions instead of the rear engine.