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Flo in the flow: a Porsche Outlaw and his 911 SC from 1979

Show edge. But with a kick and class. Florian Diettrich explains to us how to imagine such a »Porsche Outlaw«. A conversation about customizing, nonconformity, community cohesion, and a purchase on eBay that had started everything for Flo.

Interview: Alexander Morath Photo: Mark Reinert, Frankfurt 28.02.2019 7 min

Hi Flo, introduce yourself to our community.

Hey, I am Florian Diettrich from Frankfurt am Main, founder and creative head of Spadescustomz and creator of 911 Garage Germany. The latter is the result of my autodidactic passion for tinkering. I drive a 1979 911 SC.

You call yourself a »Porsche Outlaw«. What does that mean?

It is an attitude towards life. The rough term »Outlaw« from the American biker and hot rod scene has meanwhile arrived in the scrap metal and youngtimer car scene and is a synonym for nonconformity, a very special kind of being different. Individual changes to the car result in a style that somehow has more character, but more »edge«, but with a difference and class. Just a car that is unique and - very importantly - certainly not smooth-ironed! Patina is somehow obligatory, well-kept traces of use, a look that carries your »age« with pride and dignity, but the technique must fit! In addition, a pinch of steel, wood, leather, blackened parts, attributes from motorsport, something homemade... that you build yourself with the means you have at that moment. This means that you get dirty in the lantern light, that not everything is always »straight« and that sometimes you also kick over the traces ;-)

You own a skateboard with the motif of your own Porsche. And a T-shirt, too. So it's fair to say: There's someone in love with his blue-and-yellow car. Where does this passion come from?

The credit goes to my mom ;-)
From her I have the creative gene and the strong affinity to form and graphics and colorful things, my eye for things, in general, all my extroversion. From the father comes the courage to make, the use of tools, to dare to approach technical things. This pairing inevitably fuels a forward thrust that leads to passion. Skateboard and T-shirt are a very special and great story! The starting shot was the meeting of Sebastian Toddenroth, a graphic artist who had already run a small charity project to support the children's stroke aid. Then we got together very quickly! The skateboard is a special design for me. But it was a good way to promote the cause.

Love at first sight or approach with start-up difficulties? Tell us about your first encounter with your 911.

That wasn't window shopping at the classic retailer. It was an intrepid eBay purchase in 2012 and a budget thing. I liquidated my two Mercedes W123 Coupés for it. In spite of the prices at that time, not much was going on (today I laugh and cry that I didn't buy a 75 Carrera 3.0 or Turbo 930 or so). The pictures of the advertisement promised a 911, four wheels, a steering wheel, optically no glamour, no special model. He came along on a trailer and seemed desolate, the bodywork was fine, but the technic was not very good. But damn it, I wanted this! I even drove him on my own axle into the garage at home, could hardly believe my luck! Later, when I gradually uncovered the defects, I could hardly believe that I had survived that without any damage.

What did you change to make it your personal dream car?

He was spent, you might say. It was all there, but it was old and worn. »Fuchsfelge« polished, driver's seat torn, tinted foil on the glass, engine quite oily. I had a fat folder with all kinds of documentation of the three previous owners, that documented the »care«, but there was not much left of it. I Still believed to be the King, so proud was I. First of all I ate dirt for the TÜV for four weeks, crawled on my knees and on my back around the car for lack of a stage, but in the end I got the TÜV badge! Then I just wanted to drive, drive, drive! But I quickly realized that this alone was not enough. Step by step I tore out chassis, brake, injection, repaired everything (blasting, powdering, new bushings, electrics, nozzles, Bilstein chassis and so much more...) had the Fuchs restored, got turbo seats, new window seals, headliner, the old AC flew out, heating was rebuilt, lost quite a few kilos. Over the last six years it has evolved, it has been a maturing process. And today I found my style. Slightly lowered, wide black foxes, front lip and alternating a duck tail, a 78 Momo Prototipo S, SSI exhaust system, roll bar, strut brace, lightweight carpet, Carrera oil cooler... but above all the look is there now, the #blueandyellowcar!

What do you advise to someone who wants to get an old 911? What should I pay attention to when buying?

My advice: do it! Better yesterday than tomorrow! I don't understand people I meet after 5-8 months who still haven't made up their minds. Are you still looking, or are you driving?! You should check your budget honestly, don’t keep a hedgehog in your pocket. Calculate a reserve for direct costs. Look at several cars without being a time thief, to go to the dealer and also to private providers to get a feeling where wishful thinking and reality find their common denominator. Going to meetings, talking to people, saying openly what you want, making contacts. Steini from is a good contact person... and no fear of a US or Japanese re-import! They are all old cars, between 30 and 50 years old, so a »German car« is not better than for example one from Arizona. Anyway, every car has its own special aches and pains. And thanks to the Internet, nothing is left out to you about divisible knowledge, everything can be read and inquired about.

And after that? How much »care« does a 911 need?

Depends on how you take it on. You can influence the degree of wear yourself as far as brakes, clutches etc. are concerned. Otherwise, this is a very simple knitted car, where you can do a lot by yourself. Maybe the repair book of Dempsey is still at hand and already you do the bulb change yourself and tomorrow you pull the engine. No witchcraft at all. And there are many independent workshops, which help well and gladly and at fair prices (greetings to Giuseppe Scalise /DRUX, best man!).

Is a 911 a car for everyone?

First of all, I wish everybody to experience the Porsche experience, in the truest sense of the word! And yes, anyone can drive it, you certainly don't have to be a racing driver; a G-model (from the end of 76 with brake booster), for example, drives like an everyday car. It completes the trip to the supermarket as well as the pass drive at the weekend. What's more fun?

What does the Porsche lifestyle mean to you?

Until recently I couldn't really get to the point without becoming epic, until recently another »outlaw« (Magnus Walker, editor's note) declared the following: »for me the greatest about driving a Porsche is chaos and freedom«, that's it!

...what would be the »epic« approach?

No matter which Lufti (Air cooled), every single one is a sports car! Even the 912 with its four-cylinder engine brings noise, smell and a feeling to the senses. The charm compensates for the lack of top speed. Anyway: the speed is not so important. Much more casual is the realization that you could if you wanted to. It's also about the Lufti serving what you're looking for as a 911 driver: The emotions are being picked up! The cars are ingeniously built, feel uncomplicated and yet so refined! Then this body line, you just have to mention it again and again, especially the torpedo mudguards up to 964 are the best! And we're lucky there are so many! The chance to own one is much higher than if we were all fans of Italian manufacturers (laughs). And then there's the brand's massive and heroic sports car history! The series from 550, 356, 911RSR and IROC, over 904/910/917, then 935 etc. up to the summit with the 919 Hybrid! Simply WOW!

Which moment with or in your Porsche will you never forget?

Surely the day of purchase. All highs and lows, all moments with and next to the 911 are emotional! The sprint on the track, the sound, the smell, the feeling in the seat and in the hand! Great is the community, which helps both in the real and digital world and complements enrichingly (#PorscheLeben). So one experiences the great helpfulness of the other, who loans his lifting platform for the gearbox removal (huhu, Martin), others again offer towing assistance from the motorway (cheers Dennis) and so on. And then there are the meetings with the boys, to have a cup of coffee or drive through the Eifel (#crewsn, #kottenrun). You're really looking forward to spring, know the dates by heart and just wait for it to start again!