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Five Last Minute Gifts

Hurry up now: Christmas Eve is just around the corner. If you don't have any presents yet, you have to put the pedal to the metal - or just relax and click through our top five list of last-minute gifts.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Presse 18.12.2019 2 min

RE/CAP 2020

With two kilos of chocolate, it may take a whole year before they are gone again. In that case better to have two kilos of Porsche. They last at least a whole year, but in the long run they are much healthier than the popular cocoa product. And more entertaining: like the RE/CAP, our Best for 2020. There are four different covers to choose from with the same content on 448 pages, countless pictures and a good portion of Car 'n' Roll. It may not taste as good as two kilos of chocolate if you bite into it - but it has at least as much taste. Promised.

Fuji X-Pro 3

Less is more, also for Christmas? Just right, we think. And Fuji's X-Pro 3 makes it pretty easy for us. The current flagship of the Japanese company with a 26-megapixel X-Trans sensor targets the purists among photographers. Optical viewfinder, mechanical adjustment wheels and an aperture ring already speak for themselves. But the highlight of the power pack, reduced to the essentials, is the by default collapsed and invisible LCD screen. In normal operation, it is deputized by a minimal display - but that doesn't show any pictures, only the current settings.

Porsche Design Solid Fountain Pen

Porsche's distinctive signature: Currently, six series from Zuffenhausen have it. And from Christmas, all those who received the Solid Fountain Pen from Porsche Design will do as well. Because the Fountain Pen milled from titanium not only convinces with perfect lines on but also off the paper. What else is there to say? Only that we can sign off on this.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

There's no point in pretending. So better take a 964-style "Ugly Christmas Sweater" to show how you're wired. 55 percent cotton and 45 percent polyester provide at least as much elasticity as the pictured 911 from the 90's. There is probably no way to get closer to the iconic Irish green from Zuffenhausen, as far as fashion is concerned anyways. And if, to match the motif, it also gets hot in the washing machine, that's no problem either: the French Terry with 250 grams per square meter has already been pre-treated against shrinkage.

Rimowa suitcases

In which style is the tree decorated? From our point of view it doesn't matter much. Because with the Rimowa suitcases, which are now also available in different colors, there is always a matching gift under the tree. The luggage is also clever - because the robust and stylish trolley cases always fit exactly as much as we need. So: let's just pack the other presents and then quickly off to the new year.