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Fast-paced movies: Porsche in the leading role

If you are looking for quality entertainment in times like these, you are of course welcome to watch one series after another. But one can also enjoy watching movies in which important actors are from Zuffenhausen. Here are our top 5 films with Porsche participation.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Porsche 16.03.2020 5 min

Le Mans / Porsche 917 (1971)

»King of Cool« meets »Race Car of the Century.« That's really all there is to say about Le Mans. We'll try it anyway: As race driver Michael Delaney, Steve McQueen fights for victory here at Le Mans alongside the iconic Porsche 917. Against strong competition with a German-Italian background - and only in the film, of course. But he gets real support from another sports car from Zuffenhausen: started as a camera car, a 908/02 collects a good 10,000 metres of film during the real 24-hour race in 1970. And thus helps the monumental film achieve its current cult status.

Available as Blu-Ray.

Scarface / 928 (1983)

What Al Pacino is doing in Miami in the role of Tony Montana in the early 1980s is something we cannot approve . His taste for cars, on the other hand, we can: after initially driving an American road cruiser, the later supremo of the »Magic City« opts for a much more contemporary Porsche 928. No wonder, given the significantly better handling and the then advanced technology under the bonnet. Not to mention the 230 kmh top speed - which is also an advantage in his business.

Available as stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime und Apple TV aswell as Blu-Ray.

No Man’s Land / 911 Turbo (1987)

A Porsche as »No Man's Land«? We don't think so. In the 1987 film of the same name, the 911 is more like »Everybodys Darling«. And accordingly very popular. Which leads to a series of thefts of the Stuttgart sports car. These in turn guarantee an exciting chase with the original turbo in his 3.3-litre-version - but also entanglements between the two main characters Ted Varrick and Benjy Taylor, played by Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney.

Available as Blu-Ray.

Top Gun / 356 Speedster (1987)

No question why Charlie Blackwood »Maverick« in »Top Gun« takes your breath away: On the one hand, the instructor played by Kelly McGillis at the Navy's elite school »Top Gun« is quite competent, on the other hand she has a very good style. Also on the street: there she drives a black Porsche 356 A Speedster. It doesn't quite reach the top speed of an F-14 Tomcat, but on the ground it should satisfy the »Need for Speed« of Tom Cruise sufficiently. Even if it's an replica, like the actual film car was.

Available as stream at Amazon Prime und Apple TV aswell as Blu-Ray.

R.E.D. II - Older. Harder. Better. / 997 Carrera GTS (2013)

After »Scarface« and »No Man's Land« we already know that sports cars are popular with dubious characters because of their superior driving performance. But even the good guys like to play the trump card from southern Germany. Like Bruce Willis in the spy movie R.E.D. II: He not only gets into a black 997 Carrera GTS, which is well worth seeing, but thanks to its driving performance he successfully completes the following chase in Paris. A proverbial nice side effect: it proves John Malkovich's statement that style is the only constant in life. We think: Bruce Willis could not have chosen a better partner than the 997 Carrera GTS for both missions.

Available as stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV aswell as Blu-Ray.