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Enlightened: Nick Veasey and his X-rays

Nick Veasey has this whole thing figured out. And this special view on things. No, the man is not peddling conspiracy theories. He rather has a penchant for X-ray art. Now he exhibits his best work. At the Process Gallery.

Text: Wiebke Brauer Photo: Nick Veasey 21.05.2020 1 min

Asked what it would say on his tombstone, Nick Veasey replied, “He X-rayed things.” That’s not entirely wrong, though we should perhaps mention that the British photographer is a luminary in the field of artistic X-ray photography and that his works, which literally get under the skin, have received numerous awards. Born in London in 1962, he worked as a photographer and art director before swapping his SLR for an X-ray machine. Since then, he has scanned just about everything from designer clothes to a Boeing 777. His images have been featured in several advertising campaigns and in 2009 he was honored with an exhibition at the Maddox Art Gallery in London. Nick Veasey’s works are currently on display at several museum collections.

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