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End of the legend? On the contrary!

Rarities for a price: Porsche Classic provides a unique rebuild of the Carrera GT on behalf of a customer.

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Porsche 13.02.2019 3 min

When someone dismantles a Carrera GT, the owner might tear up. Sometimes tears of joy. At least this is the case when this »someone« is called Porsche Classic and the disassembly is carried out at the customer's request in such a way that the super sports car is dismantled and reconditioned component by component.

The fact that 350 hours alone for manual grinding and recoating of all carbon fibre components, including the monocoque, are required - peanuts. The same goes for the fact that, in addition to a complete overhaul of the engine and transmission, a new paint job is on the wish list. The chosen paint colour: Oak Green Metallic, a colour that never existed officially for the Carrera GT before and which makes this already rare super sports car, which was built only 1,270 times in total, an absolute unique specimen that should not be dismantled again in the future.

*But even without the paint job in »Oak Green Metallic«, the Carrera GT is a sports car that is unique in its kind and will probably never be seen again. Evidence? Here you go: *

  • »Anyone can drive it,« Walter Röhrl once said at the press presentation of the Carrera GT. Wasn't quite right then. During the driving event a journalist spinned off the track. Another Carrera GT was gone when another journalist accidentally switched from third to second gear at full acceleration.

  • From Autumn 2003 to the 6. May 2006 a total of 1,270 units of the »racing car for the road« were built at the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

  • Start-stop system? In a way, it's also available in the Carrera GT. Or as the journalist Wolfgang Peters puts it in the FAZ: »The clutch is the enemy of every sensitive calf. It either grips fined, or the engine dies, as quickly as you turn off the light in a basement with a thousand vampires.«

  • The rims of the Carrera GT have Center Lock nuts. Depending on the vehicle side with left- or right-hand thread. To ensure that the center lock nuts can be clearly assigned to the rims, they are coloured red for the left side of the vehicle and blue for the right side.

  • The ten-cylinder V-engine with 612 hp was derived from a Formula 1 engine. Originally, the Carrera GT was not intended for the road at all, but for racing.

  • Walter Röhrl's tip for Carrera GT owners: The ASR key - »its best to paint it red and write „don‘t touch!“ on it«. Röhrl must know, after all he accompanied the development of the super sports car from the first drafts to series production.

  • As far as the buyers of the Carrera GT are concerned, Siegfried Bülow, the former Leipzig plant manager, was silent at the time: »Many of our customers want to remain anonymous.« We know anyway: US talk show legend David Letterman has one. The same goes for rapper Eminem or fashion designer Ralph Lauren. And - as Bülow revealed - also some »of those NBA and ice hockey players from the USA.«