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Driving fun squared

Knowledge is power. But under the right conditions it also gives pleasure. More precisely: Driving pleasure!

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Adrian Gaut 26.02.2019 1 min

What has driving pleasure got to do with quantum physics? A lot! On behalf of the car rental company Avis, a quantum physicist has determined the perfect route for a road trip. According to the calculations, the coefficient for the greatest possible driving pleasure results from the ratio of curves to straight lines. The ideal value here is 10:1. Or to put it another way: on a 10-second drive on a straight stretch of road, one second of corners follow.

So much for theory. Now the equation only has to be verified by a test in practice. A road trip in the service of science, if you like. We'll be happy to do it then. Because if the driving fun calculation doesn't work out after all, we still have the "Porsche Road Trip" app on our mobile phone and thus the ideal travel guide in the back. With just a few clicks, the app introduces us to the most beautiful routes in our vicinity and recommends worthwhile stops and restaurants along the route.


Peso da Régua to Pinhão
Length: 27 km
Curves: 93

2. USA, California

Highway 1 from Castroville to Big Sur
Lenght: 74 km
Curves: 36

3. United Kingdom

A535 from Holmes Chapel to Alderley Edge
Lenght: 16 km
Curves: 19


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