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Danish Fuel: The fuel cabinet

What do you call a minibar that is made from an old petrol canister and comes from Denmark? Sure, it can only be »Danish Fuel«. But the makers of the bespoke mini-cabinets not only have a weakness for self-ironic puns, but also for upcycling.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Danish Fuel 12.05.2020 1 min

The Danes are good at combining. No, we're not talking about little colorful building blocks with knobs, but about »Danish Fuel«. The small manufacturer from the Scandinavian country brings together old petrol canisters and new ideas. And breathes new life into them with clever upcycling to mini-bar or bathroom cabinet. To do this, the Danes open the front and give the used canister a new paint job as well as a mirror and wooden paneling. The customer himself decides which wood the canister is carved from: The exterior color and interior decoration can be designed according to the customer's wishes. Just like the filling - for which »Danish Fuel« itself offers two options. Two gins, which also come from Denmark, can be ordered in a historically inspired oil can.

In addition to its minibars and bathroom cabinets, Danish Fuel also offers trolleys that are made from recycled petrol canisters.