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Cutting edge: Models from Scaliper

Dismantle a Porsche and reassemble it later without compromising its aesthetics? Only a magician can do that. Or Fouad Matta - because the Lebanese recreates the lines of Zuffenhausen sports cars slice by slice with steel, brass and copper.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Scaliper 10.09.2019 1 min

Aristotle taught us in ancient times that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Cut off a slice of his wisdom? Today, one can either learn from years of studying philosophy and a lot of text work - or with the help of a Porsche sculpture by Fouad Matta. With his metal models of popular sports cars from Zuffenhausen, the Lebanese virtually provides the automotive proof for the thesis of the wise Greek. The models that trade under the name Scaliper divide well-known models such as the 911, 934 Turbo, Carrera GT or the new Taycan into numerous metal panes, without cutting back on the proven style of the sports cars from Zuffenhausen.

It makes no difference to the fan of classic sports cars which wishes the customer has - because the partner of a metal processing company is at home in almost all epochs and materials. In steel, brass or copper, his long-cherished idea has recently become reality: everyday work, his passion for cars and affordable art. And before the end of the year, he will shift up one gear: Matta finally wants to start selling his sculptures. Good news, because you can save yourself the tedious study - and cut yourself a slice of the clear and timeless design philosophy of the 911.