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Crazy about Porsche: the RE/CAP 2020

Anyone who knows us knows it. We stand by it. And we live it out with a gleeful excitement as if every time was the first. Fact is: We’re crazy about Porsche. And that's why we decided to makea bookazine. About Porsche. We present: the RE/CAP 2020.

Text: Michael Köckritz Photo: 10.12.2019 1 min

Because for us a Porsche was and is a different kind of sports car – perfect, ideal. Which has a lot to do with the fact that what inspires us isn’t just the idea, the design or the product. It is the people and images, the big stories and little tales that interweave with the car to create an irresistible, multifaceted world.

The Porsche myth lives in contexts, and within the range from life-joy to life-style, everything is as intense and sensual as it is coherent. So why not a platform whose community, excited and exuberant, realizes, collects and bundles precisely those Porsche-related themes, stories and images that we like so much?

With Crazy about Porsche we launched just such a platform about a year ago. And now comes the first bookazine: RE/CAP 2020. A lively remix of selected stories and images from our ramp media and magazine world, plus the best contributions published by us and the Crazy about Porsche community online.

Collector’s Edition “Crazy about Porsche”, 448 pages, ca. 2 kilogramms, Format 230 x 300mm, 4 different Covers, limited edition 2.000 pcs., published by, Reutlingen, Price: 50 Euro incl. VAT + shipping.