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Crazy about Porsche Summer Vibes: Sunny Side Up

Getting well through a Monday ? Just let the sunshine in and make sure you get summer vibes. And if the sun isn't shining, »Crazy about Porsche Moments - Summer Vibes«, our new coffee table book, will help.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: 31.08.2020 1 min

Summer Vibes? Are actually quite healthy and important. Studies have shown that humans cannot do without sunshine. It has been proven that sunrays not only lift the mood, but also the level of the body's own vitamin D and have other positive effects. But what if there is no sunshine? You have to find another solution. For example with the »Crazy about Porsche Moments - Summer Vibes«. They capture the summer on 448 pages - and are almost as effective as the original.

The end product of summer, Zuffenhausen and community spirit? Has sand in its tread, is always in a good mood, relaxed, sometimes cocky, sometimes wild. The tempo of the narration adapts to the characters, Porsche inspires, the heroes set the pace. Sometimes the car. More than a dozen stories between blue skies and Porsche spirit fill up the vitamin D tank - and create a book like an episode film. That apart from the 911 and its relatives, art and interior design around the sports cars themselves find their way between the two book covers? Of course.

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