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Crazy about Porsche: Dressed to the Nineelevens

The British? They have pretty good idioms. »Dressed to the nines« for example. Means »being dressed up«. And »Crazy about Porsche«? Finally has his own line of merch. T-shirt, hoodie, cap, and badge. Time for a crossover in the 993 Turbo.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Maximilián Balázs · 30.07.2020 1 min

»Only the road and the dawn, the sun, the wind, the sound of your Porsche. The watch-fire under stars, and sleep and the road again.« A nice thought? We like it. Practical that the T-shirt from the new collection of »Crazy about Porsche« reminds us of exactly that. Because it says exactly that on the label. Also a clear (stylistic) statement for the summer: the classic white or the elegant black, in which the shirt is available in 100% cotton.

Also on offer: a second T-shirt with a different design, a hoodie, badges and a CAP cap. We then confidently rewrite the expression for very good style - »Dressed to the Nine«. »Dressed to the Nineelevens« is the new version. Of course it can also be adapted to fit all other sports cars from Zuffenhausen.

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