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Cover of the month: ramp #51 wins thanks to original image idea

In a wonderfully striking way, the multiple award-winning car culture magazine ramp combines the title theme "Sex, Cars and Chocolate" on the cover of its current issue - and wins the "Cover of the Month" award with this image idea.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: 13.11.2020 2 min

Three model cars willing to mate. Among them a mini, a beetle - and a yellow Targa. With this cheeky and humorous picture idea around the cover theme of lust and obsession, the multiple award-winning car culture magazine ramp made it to 1st place in the Cover of the Month award. The jury praised the outstanding idea, the humorous realization and the striking nature of the cover. We will listen to the reasons for this.

Robert Zwettler, managing partner of Dorten Studios: “Simply refreshing, how the little beetles willing to mate bring over anticipated spring feelings!

Andreas Ottensmeier, managing director at battery: "Original and very striking - that's how a cover of the month has to be for me.

Matthias Heynen, creative director of art at komm.passion: "Cool. Cheeky. To the point. Super!"

Sebastian Schmidt, Senior Art Director at Wefra Life: "Enjoyable car-suggestion! I see sex. I see cars. But no chocolate. But never mind - I like the cover because of its simplicity, and in the discreet headline iuncludes all trigger words that get my attention. Somehow wicked."

Hans Ulrich Ganser, Head of Copy & Concept at B+D Communications: "What can you say to that. The idea is simple - and simply good. I can only guess what it might be, but my curiosity is aroused. I would definitely go through it at the kiosk.

Andreas Nyland, Art Director of the Stern: "Very simple, very clear!"

Reinhard Henke, Managing Director Creation at Butter: "I see sex and cars. I like them very much. I do not see chocolate. That's why there are deductions in the B grade. Very nice thing."

Timm Weber, chief creative officer at Digitas Pixelpark: "Very humorous realization of the theme, could have turned out flat or manic."

Thim Wagner, Partner and Managing Director Creation at Jung von Matt/Next Alster: "I would never have thought that a car idea would attract attention again."

Oliver Flohrs, Creative Director at Preuss & Preuss: "What can you say: Sex sells. Especially if you don't necessarily expect it.”

now available: ramp #51