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Constructed tastefully: Salt Hill House

Ellen DeGeneres usually provides topics of conversation in and with her talk show. Now it's the turn of the real estate market: after only one year, her property in Montecito, called "Salt Hill House", is back for sale.

Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Montecito Realestate 28.10.2020 1 min

A celebrity home usually stands where? In a place where you can live well and undisturbed. When celebrities don't get their privacy, things can get pretty salty. However, that is not an issue for the residents of the »Salt Hill House«. On 3.7 hectares of land there is a guest house, a sports area and a security office in addition to the main building. Next to a playing field for the American "Pickleball", of course. The building with its annexes cleverly combines Californian lifestyle with Balinese style.

The clear lines of the residential building are cleverly complemented by the curved terrain. Particularly impressive: the infinity pool, which offers a direct view of the Gulf of Santa Barbara. The clear design language of the façade is also continued in the interior and is spiced up by furnishings in natural colors. It really makes no difference whether the impressive view is enjoyed behind the large glass surfaces or at one of the open fireplaces. But it is not only the sea air that is salty in all this, the price is also high: to purchase the accommodation you'll need no less than 39.9 million dollars.

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