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Coffee to Ride

There are places in this world where it’s all about caffeine and petrol – places like Deus Ex Machina in Bali, for example.

Text: Wiebke Brauer Photo: Deus ex Machina 23.08.2019 1 min

Here is a litte trivia question for you: What do a motorcycle, a surfboard and a coffee bean have in common? A lot of people would probably answer: absolutely nothing. Though the solution is actually quite simple. At least if you happen to be in Bali at the moment, sitting in the Deus Ex Machina concept store slurping a latte macchiato – or if your name is Dare Jennings. An explanation is due at this point: Jennings is Australian and he is the founder of an empire called Deus Ex Machina. It all started when he sold his famous surfer fashion company called Mambo 20 years ago.

In 2005, he then opened a small shop near Sydney, where he built custom motorcycles for surfers. You could say that business was good. Even very good. Because today Dare Jennings operates Deus Ex Machina offshoots in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan – and in Canggu, a small village located about ten kilometres north of Kuta on the south coast of Bali. »Temple of Enthusiasm« – that’s the store’s nickname. Because here they’re passionate about anything and everything that gives you a kick: working with surfboards, motorcycles and bicycles – and drinking coffee.

There even is an art gallery here showing regular exhibitions. What we should also mention are the Tacos-n-Tatt-Tuesdays in the associated restaurant. The concept in a nutshell: choose the taco menu and you also get a free tattoo. But if a tattoo is a little too long-lived for you, there always is the cold brew coffee at Deus Ex Machina. It may be long-brewed, but it is quickly drunk – and it tastes absolutely fantastic.