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Clear vision: the Koonya Pavilion

Visionary building and changing the conventions of architecture? This requires a clear plan, reliable partners and a suitable piece of land. It's good when, as with the »Koonya Pavilion« in Tasmania, everything comes naturally.

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Presse 10.11.2020 1 min

You can't blame the architects at Room11 for being non-transparent. With the »Koonya Pavilion«, they have taken transparency to a whole new level - and simply made all the walls of glass. The minimalist accommodation in Tasmania is not only unusual in appearance - the concept and the story of its creation are also special. During a bicycle tour, the future architect Thomas Bailey stops at the later location and admires the landscape. That the next day the owner calls Room11 and wants to talk about the development? Complete coincidence - but a very happy one.

Both the client and the architect soon realized that something special was needed. Or as Bailey describes the contact: an »intuitive meeting of like-minded people«. The objective is both simple and challenging: the pavilion should not only blend into the landscape, but also create a direct connection between the residents and their surroundings. Also on the list: playing with the conventions of architecture. Instead of classical walls as protection, the landscape serves as a natural screen, combined with the solid floor and the classical roof. That the residents can also »be outdoors indoors« as is typical for Tasmanian vacation homes? A welcome addition, of course.