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Caution: High voltage! The baptism of fire of the Formula E Porsche

Rollout of the newly developed Formula E Porsche? We like to take a look at that. On video!

Text: Alexander Morath Photo: Porsche 06.03.2019 1 min

The prejudices against the formula E? They are as exhausting and unneeded to hear as the question of which bratwurst tastes better: the one from the charcoal grill or the one from the electric grill. The fact is: Once the coal has glowed through and reached the perfect temperature, itis odourless. Means: The grill food tastes just like from the electric grill. And that, the result, is what matters. Also in Formula E.

It meets the so-called king class of automobile sport in terms of pace and spectacle - we're just saying: City courses! - currently at least at eye level. Above all, however, Formula E arouses curiosity, as there is still so much unexplored potential in the electric drive, the complete unfolding of which we can lookforward to in the future in view of constantly improving battery performance.

What else we can look forward to: Porsche's factory entry into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship for the 2019/20 season. Porsche Motorsport recently completed the rollout of its first development vehicle in Weissach. So the stage is pretty much set. What about the doubters from the internal combustion-fraction? Convince yourself of the entertainment factor of the fully electric Porsche at the first race in December. Gladly with a bratwurst - from the gas grill.