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Black coffee: Super Veloce RS Black Edition

Thanks to Super Veloce and its »RS Black Edition«, even unusual and porsche-heavy coffee orders will no longer be a problem in future. For the baristas of the world, but also for fans of the Porsche 993 - the last air-cooled 911.

Text: Marko Knab Photo: Super Veloce 07.05.2020 1 min

With milk, iced or decaffeinated? Then rather air-cooled and completely black. What has been working on the road for a long time and looks good, »Super Veloce« now also makes possible with espresso. With its »RS Black Edition«. This is an espresso machine based on the last air-cooled boxer engine from the Porsche 993 - also known by the abbreviation M64. The 21.5 kilo black machine uses components made of stainless steel, an aluminium alloy, titanium and carbon. These not only make the special edition of the »Flat Six« designed for capsules particularly durable, but also quite exclusive. Similar to the limitation of the machine to exactly 993 pieces. And the price: excluding taxes, delivery and customs, it is a good 10,200 Euros.