Besser als Socken: unsere Turbo-Last-Minute-Geschenkideen
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Better than socks: our Turbo-Last-Minute-Gift-Ideas

As a present. Or keep it yourself: These books are a true party for Porsche fans.

Text: Helmut Werb Photo: Presse 11.01.2019 1 min

Cars & Curves
Stefan Bogner's reputation as one of the better car photographers is based on his art of photographing curves without cars, painterly and very dramatic curves. In the new photo book, he adds Porsches. He should do that more often. Perfect, not only for Porsche fans.

Besser als Socken: unsere Turbo-Last-Minute-Geschenkideen

Everything, really everything there is to know about the Porsche 917. The history and dates of the legendary racing car from the '70s, from the works, catalogue to the Pa-Spyder and the complete list of all 917's, written - thank heavens - by the engineer who was there.

Porsche Milestones
A historic all-around story about the brand that has always thought "outside the box". One hundred and fifty photos from the lightweight poison dwarfs of mountain racing to the showössischer Macan, written by Walter Röhrl biographer Wilfried Müller.