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Best of rampstyle: Men's Manual

Existential questions are answered here: How do I build the perfect sand castle? How do I start a band? Is there the perfect turntable? (Spoiler Alert: yes, it exists)

Text: Jack Weil Photo: Presse 09.10.2020 1 min

With rampstyle, Michael Köckritz has defined new standards in the genre of men's lifestyle magazines after the innovative car culture magazine ramp. The multiple award-winning feuilleton magazine has been internationally celebrated since its first issue as amagazine that is as stylistically confident as it is style-defining.

Just in time for the 20th issue, Männersachen now offers a first best-of-remix, which inspires as a timelessly stimulating and entertaining collection of selected texts and images, loving graphics and illustrations, useful and useless knowledge as well as a wealth of quotations, gadgets and design icons. Speaking of design icons: It almost goes without saying that the Porsche 911 is given a central role in this compendium of good taste.

Casually relaxed, winking, in a good mood, eloquent, not always politically correct, but always courageous, adventurous and surprising. A book for real men, wild guys and cool boys.

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